Friday, February 16, 2007

Watch those portions

As I was surfing through, I saw an article that warned of "Diet Derailers," those little habits you don't think about that can be unhealthy for you. Most of them were the run-of-the-mill habits we all know about -- not getting enough sleep, eating too fast, getting too hungry, etc. But one of the habits was eating out. Duh, you say? Most of us know that eating out is diet death, you say? Restaurants double your portion size, so the trick is to eat half the meal, right? Wrong. Check out these absolutely horrifying and sad -- I love Cinnabon! -- facts:

According to the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, a single restaurant meal often could feed an entire family. A pasta dish at an Italian restaurant might include eight 1-cup servings. A rib dish might have a pound of meat—more than five servings. A side of fries might include 70 of the little devils, which is seven servings. And a nut-filled cinnamon bun in a mall food court could total 1,100 calories—more than half the calorie intake on a typical weight-loss diet.

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