Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Produce of the Week

This week I will be trying out the red banana. It's exactly what it sounds like -- a red banana. It's eaten and stored the same way as a regular banana, but has a light raspberry banana taste. Above, my cat Scraps plays Carmen Miranda with the bananas. I hope you appreciate the picture. She's not speaking to me right now. I spent a half hour chasing her around the apartment with produce. I'm not sure if the glowing eyes are the result of the camera's flash or the devil within.


Dinah Susan said...

HAHA! Your cat is awesome. Where'd you get the red bananas from because I read an article in Women's Health about cross-pollinated fruits and stuff like that. Let me know!

Mikel said...

poor kitty. she really does hate you now. You could win her love with some scallops and tuna.