Thursday, February 15, 2007

Produce of the Week

This week I tried a tomatillo. Actually, I tried to try a tomatillo. I roasted it into oblivion, so I never actually got to taste it.

Anyway, the tomatillo is a little green tomato in a husk. You peel the husk, and you're left with the tomatillo. Wash it -- the husk leaves it sticky -- then you can use it to spice up salsas and salads or roast it with other veggies for a side dish. The tomatillo is often the ingredient used in green salsas. It's also used in Mexico to fight fevers.

I'm actually looking forward to picking up another and trying it. Below is a picture of one of Ed's daughters holding the tomatillo before I killed it.

1 comment:

Mikel said...

Thank you for not torturing the animals with the veggie of the week. Who cares if you torture kids but animals....that's wrong.