Monday, February 5, 2007

Custom Made Nutrition Plan

If you want to get healthy, but find the Food Pyramid set out by the U.S. government a bit daunting (What is a grain? How much is a serving? Six to nine servings? Does that mean I can eat nine donuts a day?) an article in says the U.S. Department of Agriculture is offering personalized food pyramids right online.

What I think is especially cool about this is you can see what you personally need. We're always told that women need more calcium than men, and men need more calories than women. Yet we have a one-size-fits-all food pyramid. I checked out, entered my age, level of activity and sex and -- ta-da!-- my very own food pyramid. The program based the pyramid on the number of calories I should be taking in each day and told me in real terms what I need. For example: The U.S. Food Pyramid says I need two to three servings of meat and beans per day. Huh? My own personal food pyramid said I need to eat five ounces of protein each day. Got it!

Even better, your personalized food pyramid has tips you can click on to find ways to work healthy eating into you lifestyle and MyPyramid Tracker lets you assess how you're doing health wise by evaluating your diet and activity level.

It's a all free so check it out.

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