Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Taking Umbrage

The Daily Times in Maryland published an article about the challenges women face to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While there are numerous things we need to keep track of -- diet, exercise, sunscreen, etc. -- the author mentioned one aspect I hadn't thought of: safe sex.

It occurs to me that while discussing health and fitness, I have discussed mostly eating and exercise habits. There are a lot of other personal habits that we should also be paying attention to. This article points out some oft-neglected points of staying healthy, including safe sex and using sunscreen every day. While Ed and I have talked to his children about safe sex, we don't approach it from a healthy lifestyle point of view. Perhaps we should be making connections with our children between safe sex, using seat belts, having yearly physicals, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

This article certainly showed me how narrow my focus has been when blogging about health and fitness. However, I do take umbrage with one statement in the article:

Women need to be especially conscience of their health issues since for many, they are the one everyone counts on in the family for nutrition and health needs.

Pfui! Everyone needs to participate in the family's health.


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