Friday, February 23, 2007

Reading Between the Lines

There is an interesting article about MSG --monosodium glutamate -- on The Common Voice. I'm sure you remember, there was a big no-MSG push several years ago and now many Asian restaurants advertise that they don't use MSG in the food.

In brief: MSG is a white, crystal like substance (think sugar or salt) that has no taste, but brings out the flavor in foods. A number of people are allergic to it and experience headaches, chest pains, etc.

Most of us are familiar with MSG. However, this article on The Common Voice -- reprinted from a blog, Livin' La Vida Low Carb -- reports that there is a large debate about whether MSG is safe for consumption and whether it makes food taste so much better that you eat more.

But here's what I didn't realize and find shocking:

Most disturbing about MSG is the fact that the FDA completely allows food manufacturers to put this chemical in foods without ever using the word MSG on the label. That's right! They don't want you to know it's in there, but it is. You may recognize MSG in any number of euphemisms on the product packaging, such as "flavors," "natural flavors," "yeast extract," and more.

Huh? In trying to eat natural healthy food, if I saw "natural flavors" in the ingredients list I sure wouldn't be thinking about MSG, even if it does occur in nature. The FDA recommends healthy-eating guidelines, yet winks as corporations continue to add junk to our foods to make them taste better, last longer and generally rake in more profits? Isn't it time the FDA decides where its loyalties lay?


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For another view on msg go to and click on Dr Michael Eades blog post on this subject.

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