Monday, February 12, 2007

Today is Not a Good Day

I have fallen off the wagon today, and I'm feeling a bit bruised. After a busy weekend, I failed to get up this morning and get in some exercise. Yet, for some reason, I had time to sit down with a pancake breakfast (and bacon) and a good book.

I think I need to work in some relaxation time, so I don't keep cutting my exercise time to relax. There is a cute article about blogging and whether it makes you fat. I don't know if blogging makes you fat, but I can tell you a desk job certainly does. While I was in college I ate whatever I wanted, walked to all my classes, had a physical job and maintained a healthy weight with no problem. I graduated from college, got my first desk job, and packed on the pounds. I managed to take them off only to put them back on when I started grad school.

So if you're working a desk job, I think you have an extra challenge in maintaining your weight. You may find that you have to eat a little less and exercise a little more to get the same results as someone who has a more physical job. Also, be aware of when you're eating out of boredom. Some desk jobs can be deadly dull (like my first one) and the thought of taking a walk to get a snack seems like a fantastic reprieve. Fight the urge. Walk around the office, but don't stop at the vending machine.

That said, I must say I regret wasting my 18-year-old body thinking I was fat. If I had known then how truly lucky I was, I would have joined a nudist colony.

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Mikel said...

I wasted my 18yo body also. What's that Cher song??? If I could turn back time....I also would have skipped your first job. I'm glad I met you but I hated that job