Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Love Pizza Hut

Last night Ed and I took the kids to Pizza Hut. I was really impressed to find they had nutrition pamphlets that included healthier menu suggestions.

While I prefer to support the local businesses, most chain restaurants offer nutrition information on their Web site, making it easier to eat healthy. Pizza Hut has a nutrition calculator so you can customize your pizza, then figure out its nutritional content. So if you are heading out to eat, check out the restaurant's Web site. For the most part, you can skim the nutritional content of your choices and plan a healthy meal before you even leave the house.

For those following Weight Watchers, Applebee's has a 10 points or less portion to their menu. Even if you're not counting calories, most of the options under this heading are healthy choices.


Anonymous said...

mmmm pizza hut. no offense Bella but no way am I looking at the nutritional facts of my stuffed crust, pan, meatlovers. I'd rather stab myself in the eye that see how much fat and calories are in my PH meal.

j9 said...

i want to rub pizza hut pizza all over my naked body. i love pizza hut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps-pizza is life