Monday, March 5, 2007

Wellness Goes Mainstream

Even the police are getting on the health train. It's worth noting that the local sheriff in Cleveland, Tenn., published an article in the Cleveland Daily Banner introducing a wellness and fitness program for the county's police officers. The plan is designed to help deputies implement healthy lifestyles. The officers will also be assessed on a regular basis to ensure that they're fit and able to perform their job duties.

It's about time. I've seen many police officers that are out of shape, but more and more departments are requiring that police pass a physical fitness test. It's not fair to officers to not require that they stay in shape. If they're going to have a dangerous job, their bodies had best be in top shape -- for the people they protect, themselves and their families.

I'm also seeing a trend towards total wellness. An article in the Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald is featured an article yesterday, "Time to take care of you." The article talks about increasing health and fitness through better living. While healthy eating and regular exercise are a part of being healthy, this article also talks about mental health, taking down time and time management to get more done in less time -- hence, less stress overall. Here's an excerpt:

Step back from your life for a minute. What do you want it to look like and how does it really look now. If you are feeling out of control and your health is starting to show signs of being ignored, what can you do? What would you need to do to get your life more balanced?

Start with prioritizing. Look at what you did yesterday. What actually needed to get done and what could you have set aside permanently or temporarily? What new responsibilities did you take on that you could have said "no" to? When was the last time you drew the line separating designated work time and personal time? What could you have delegated to others? When could you have multitasked to accomplish more in less time?

And finally, throw some fruit in your salads! It adds some new textures and tastes to a old standby. I've been adding orange pieces, dried cranberries or apples ... I'm turning into a salad diva!


Mikel said...

You are already a diva. Now you are adding Salad to your list of adjectives?

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