Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Light Dawns

With daylight savings time coming three weeks earlier, we all have more light after work to exercise. The Marin Independent Journal suggests that the extra time could help us live healthier. What I found particularly interesting about this article is the idea that the extra daylight may not just help us pickup our healthy summer lifestyle just a bit earlier, it may also help us cut our negative habits:

Jacquie Phelan is the rolling force behind Wombats - the Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society. Phelan says the extra hour can be as much about what you're not doing as what exercise you might squeeze into that time.
"It might just be one less beer," Phelan says.
She also likes the idea of putting some activity between dinner and bed. "They get a little exercise and digest a little better."

If you're looking for some additional exercises to tone up for the summer the Denver Post has some ideas for simple floor exercises you can add to your cardio. What I particularly like about these exercise (aside from the journalistically-inventive beach spin they put on the story) is they can be done at home (free!) and each exercise is modified for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

So why is it that we park as close as we possibly can to the grocery store, then pay money to go to the gym to walk our way to fitness?

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TESS said...

That last paragraph is a question we will forever ponder, makes about as much sense as diet soda with a candy bar, I mean really, why bother?