Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I tried roasting vegetables in the oven with a touch of olive oil. I did the works -- eggplant, zucchini, red peppers and garlic. The idea was to store them in the fridge so I could quickly grab some veggies for lunch.


Roasted veggies are great, but don't expect to eat them the next day. In fact, make only what you can eat in one sitting or you'll spend the next week choking down limp, flavorless vegetables, wondering what happened to the delicate flavor of garlic, vegetables and olive oil you had originally prepared.

This is true. I have another half an eggplant to go.

On the bright side, Ed bought fresh chives and mixed them with non-fat cottage cheese. Yum! I don't even like cottage cheese, but the fresh chives really added a great flavor. A half a cup of cottage cheese served on a couple of slices of crispbread is filling, high in fiber and really good.


Tess said...

Inever used to care for cottage chese either. I found adding splenda was really the change I needed to really like it. Sometines a little choc protein powder, nuts and whip cream as well for a little desert.

Anonymous said...

whipped cream makes everything better.