Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Break and General Aggravation

Okay, so I did very little that I don't normally do on my spring break. I did, however, get caught up on some homework that has been hovering in the background, bake a birthday cake with real buttercream frosting (whipped it for an hour!!!) and went to my internship. I also picked up some freelance work.

I also gained 5 pounds. No kidding. I'm sure you're thinking I overachieved during my spring break but, no, it took hardly any effort at all. Actually, the problem was a Christmas gift. My mom gave me body lotion for Christmas. I used it and broke out into such a bad allergic reaction that I had to be given steroids. Now, I'm off the steroids, but battling the weight gain. And HUNGER!!!! I mean it was like those old cartoons when someone's talking and their head turns into a chicken drumstick. That was me this week. Except I pictured buffalo wings.

Anyway, suffice to say it was a long discouraging week that did not resemble any spring break movie I have ever seen. I was afraid someone might harpoon me on the beach if I attempted Cancun.

The good news is I got a great comment from Tess, who lost over 140 pounds after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Now that's an inspiration. If you can check out her comment in the previous post. If she can do it, I have to believe I can.

Now if I can just stop scratching....

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