Saturday, March 17, 2007

Eat a Veggie

The Columbus Dispatch reported that only one-third of Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables. Most alarming is that this number falls short of the government's goal of getting 75 PERCENT of Americans to eat two fruits and only 50 PERCENT of Americans to eat three veggies a day. So the message I'm getting here is even our government doesn't think we can exist as a healthy nation. Only 50 percent of us will ever reach a healthy lifestyle. Talk about being doomed to failure.

That said, a Newton, Mass., woman is putting out a skin care line that will give skin plenty of fruits and veggies. It's called Be Fine Food Skin Care. The Boston Herald reported the skin care line, which includes avocado, pomegranate, mushrooms, etc. will be available in CVS stores. I haven't tried the line myself, though, so don't take this as a recommendation. I just think it's a neat idea.

Perhaps we could just eat a little moisturizer each day.

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TESS said...

Ah! Now there is a novel ideal. Absorbing your fruits veggies through the skin. I think I prefer the old fashioned way to get my fruits and veggies.