Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Getting Healthy

Thanks to Tess and others for their prayers. My mother and I both appreciate them. She's still in the hospital tonight. They're running more tests tomorrow.

More and more, I realize there are all different kinds of ways to be healthy. One can just be putting your anger in the right place. Doctors believe my mother's heart attack may have been stress-induced. A fancy way of saying she's holding her anger in. So today I did my heart good and let some of my anger out.

My sister-in-law is a raving witch (substitute that for the word of your choice). I called her and my brother today to ask them if they could give my father a ride to a doctor's appointment. They said they were too busy. She suggested that my parents face up to the fact that they need to hire someone to take care of them.

She constantly says that it's not her and my brother's responsibility to help our. She's also naturally thin and blond, so she's always good for throwing a few snide weight-related remarks my way. Finally today four years of anger came tumbling out, mixed in with a lot of four-letter words.

I suppose I should feel bad for losing control of my temper. But I have to tell you -- I feel great. I feel about 20 pounds lighter. I took control and refused to allow myself to be bullied any more. Even better... they agreed to give my father a ride.

So look at that person that's really making your life miserable. Then, tell them off. It feels as good as going for a run. And all that stress really can land you in the hospital.

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TESS said...

I will never understand the selfishness that some people seem to come by so naturally. Good for you for giving her hell. Most of us have parents that sacrificed a lot for us. Out of love we should give back as much as possible and so often it falls to just 1 sibling. You are to be admired for standing firm. Prayers are still being said!