Monday, April 2, 2007

Back to Normal

It's Monday and things seem to have returned to normal. My mother is home and the doctor won't let her return to work for a few weeks. And I am back on schedule. I definitely feel I've gained some weight this past week instead of losing it. Ed and I ate out a lot this week and, to be honest, I didn't put a lot of thought into my food choices. Instead, I ate a lot of comfort foods. It really was my fault. I'm seeing more and more healthy food choices for people on the go. I certainly could have headed to the salad bar at the hospital cafeteria or packed a nutrition bar and a yogurt to take with me. Instead, I used my personal life as an excuse to overeat.

So I spent some time this weekend thinking about emotional eating. I found that there are a lot of great tips out there for those of us who eat under stress. If you look, there are tips on recognizing emotional eating, why you eat, and ways to stop.

So I'm meeting with my integrative nutritionist to set up a plan this Wednesday. I plan to talk with her about my eating under stress. I also plan to start carrying fruit with me. That way if I really can't control myself, binging on a apple isn't as bad as hitting the vending machines. Exploring the whys of my emotional eating may take more time, but it has to be done if my weight loss is going to be permanent.

I may not reach my goal by graduation, but I certainly can by my wedding day.


TESS said...

Half the battle in emotional eating is realizing it is a problem. You are half way there! I don't think I have ever met anyone who doesn't eat when stressed. I am sure there are some, just haven't met any my self.

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