Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Dinah made a great suggestion about dancing as a way to work out. I did a little research, and dancing is great exercise as well as being a lot of fun. I'm wondering if anyone out there also uses dance to stay in shape. How do you do it? With friends or alone? Lessons, videos or in your own home? What kind of dance have you tried? What kind of dance do you do? Dinah, if you check in, I'd love to hear more about your dancing and what you and your friends do. How long have you been doing it and have you noticed changes in your body?

I did come across an article that suggested dancing is good exercise -- the article said "for singles," but we'll just leave that off. Anyway, if you scroll all the way down the page, there is a great chart that lists different kinds of dance and the pros and cons of each. If you're thinking of trying dance, it might be a good place to determine what kind of dance you'd like to try.

The BBC had a good article about dancing for fitness as well. And this must take quote of the week for all of you who (me!) who are feeling like you may just not be coordinated enough to dance:

Many people think they can't dance because they have poor coordination, but
anyone can dance - if not always elegantly.

Feel better now?

And winding up on fitness, I found an article on that suggested fencing is also a great mind - body workout. Fencing requires good physical conditioning and tactical thinking. The article said:

It is sometimes described as chess at a hundred miles an hour.

Now that would be fun!


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