Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Integrating My Nutrition

I met with my integrative nutritionist last night who has unveiled my new healthy eating plan. First of all, I will say, for the most part it's simple and traditional -- whole grains, veggies, meat, and some dairy. But it does bring in some new elements:

Be happy. Karyn pointed out to me that people who are excited about and involved in life often don't eat as much. It's something to keep them alive, not something to do. She referenced children outside playing who often don't want to come in for supper. When they finally do come in, they take just enough bites to keep their mom happy and rush right outside again.

Enjoy cheating. If you're going to cheat, savor the food. Don't gobble it so fast you have to cheat again to feel satisfied.

The five fingers. At each mean, Karyn suggested that I eat a portion of veggies the size of my hand, a starch the size of my palm, a meat the size of three fingers and an other (fat, dairy, fruit, etc.) the size of two fingers. I should eat three of these "plates" of food each day. It doesn't matter if the food goes in all at once or in various snacks throughout the day.

Breathe deep. Chew well. When you're done eating, you're done eating. So learn when enough is enough. Chew food for about 30 seconds so the brain has time to catch up with the stomach's "I'm full" signals. Also, breathe deeply between each bite and slow yourself down.

Sea kelp. Karyn said a shaker of sea kelp is a great replacement for salt. It adds extra minerals to your food.

Keep in mind, this is my healthy eating plan. Yours may differ, since each plan is tailored to the individual. Also, Karyn involves herself in supporting your efforts, holding you accountable for reaching your goals and helping you improve the overall quality of life. It's a very holistic approach to weight loss.

I meet up with Karyn in two weeks. I'll let you know how I'm doing.


TESS said...

I really do need to seek an IN. Wat she has you doing makes sense. You won't obsess. It is simple. I have mentioned before I go to Curves. It is easy for me in and out in under 45 min 3 times a week. I also walk the dog, weather permitting we just got 18 inches of snow, and line dance one night a week. i gave up soda and any drink with sugar or artifical sweetner years ago and never missed it. I drink a lot of coffee black and it hasn't hurt me so I will keep it up for the forseeable future. Good Luck on the plan and hope your mama is doing well.

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