Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why not adopt a healthy lifestyle?

The weight-loss-powers-that-be are holding a weight loss surgery summit in Belleville, Ill., on Thursday.

It horrifies me that we continue to look for a quick-fix to all of our weight problems, rather than working on a change of culture -- slowing down, enjoying our meals so we can eat less, and steering clear of fast food joints.

It's long been documented that Europeans are healthier simply because they eat a wider variety of foods, eat less and savor their meals so they feel more satisfied. But rather than moving in that direction, we head to the surgeon's.

What I find particularly concerning about this trend is that many people say they've tried diets and have failed, but the surgery has worked for them. Yet no one seems to realize the overall premise is the same -- you're eating less. Then, people often take up some form of exercise.

Why not do this without the surgery? How long before surgery becomes the primary form of weight loss?

I have no issue with weight loss surgery if you're in immediate danger, but younger people seem to be looking at the surgery as their best option. It's a concern.

It's also worth noting that many of the healthy eating articles I have found online have come from Europe, not the States.

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