Saturday, January 20, 2007


My dad told me last night he's going on dialysis next month. He's had Type II Diabetes since he was 40. He never took it seriously and didn't begin managing his diet until he landed himself in the hospital for a week last year at 68.

At 40, he was told his diabetes was mild and could be managed by diet alone. The doctor offered to send him to a nutritionist. He responded by telling the doctor to go to hell. No one was going to tell him how to eat.

By 60, he was on insulin shots. By 65, he nearly lost his big toe from an infection that wouldn't heal. By 67, he was nearly completely blind.

Now, by his 69th birthday he'll be on dialysis.

All because he wouldn't change his lifestyle.

I don't want my children and husband to have to go through this.

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