Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Workout?

It's yesterday's news but I feel it deserves some comment. Nintendo's Wii may function as a workout. Check out this article on Reuters:

Video gamers who'd rather battle virtual villains than fight the flab can take heart. Use of the new Nintendo Wii can lead to
weight loss.

After six weeks and 21 hours of total game play on Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s (7974.OS: Quote, NEWS , Research) new game console, Philadelphia resident Mickey DeLorenzo is nine pounds (4 kgs) lighter and making a splash with his new svelte self.

I think this could be a neat way to get in shape. I imagine it'd be like a workout -- you'd have to play video games a few times a week, but it's certainly less boring than running on the treadmill. The best part is you can get friends involved and it doesn't have to be the dreaded workout group. I'm excited about the possibilities for this alternative workout.

Check out this guy's blog of the experiment and the before and after photos.

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